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Expert and entertaining commentary on issues critical to California employers and employees: employment laws, legislative proposals, national/state politics. Commentary on the podcast should not be considered as legal advice.

Episode 4: Say Cheese: Cameras In The Workplace, On-line Communication, and the Internet Test Bounds of Privacy

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This episode of The Workplace explores new areas of concern and issues generated for employers by the prevalence of technology on the job site or in the office. Erika Frank, CalChamber executive vice president, legal affairs and general counsel, and Ellen Savage, HR adviser with CalChamber’s Labor Law Helpline, talk about what is private – and what is not – at work. The conversation provides both entertaining and helpful insight into the issue, particularly given the multitude of federal and state constitutional guarantees, limitations imposed by federal and state statutes, and case law.

Episode 3: California Leads Presidential Election Landscape in 2020

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California voters have achieved a new milestone: the distinction of being an early presidential primary state due to the Legislature moving the date up three months from June to March 2020. Martin R. Wilson, CalChamber executive vice president, public affairs, is joined by Andrew Acosta, Acosta Consulting, and Steve Maviglio, principal of Forza Communications. The trio discusses how the early presidential primary will have a major impact on the California election cycle, accelerating all the traditional deadlines, such as candidate filings and contribution disclosures, as well as the imperative of building out the necessary infrastructure to wage a successful and expensive race for office.

Episode 2: Dynamex—The Elimination of Independent Contractors?

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Welcome to The Workplace! The California Supreme Court’s April 2018 decision in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles completely changed the way in which an individual is classified as an independent contractor versus an employee in this state. CalChamber President Allan Zaremberg and Executive Vice President Jennifer Barrera review what the decision means for California employers and independent contractors. As they point out, without a legislative fix, the Dynamex decision could jeopardize work opportunities and income potential for millions of independent contractors.


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